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I'm not one to normally write google reviews however I can say that Miller Automotive has made me change my mind. I brought my 2011 Mitsubishi there about 1 year ago to have a part that Mitsubishi quoted me over $3K to fix! I called around and spoke with DJ, I must say DJ treated me like a good friend for just meeting him. He looked over my car and even let me bring my own parts (most places I called wouldn't allow me to do so.) With my Mitsubishi sourcing parts can be difficult.

The repair for my Mitsubishi took longer than expected however DJ worked through the issues and still kept his repair cost close to what he quoted me.

Fast forward to just a few days ago my wife told me her car was making some strange noises, I knew right away to bring it to Miller Automotive. DJ looked over the car and unfortunately (with no fault to him.) found a lot of rust on some important areas of the car. After some research, we found the cars issue was covered under a recall. When we told DJ the car had a recall for the issue and we were going to take the car in DJ said there would be no cost to us.

Needless to say, if you need to have your car repaired and don't want to get screed over with repair costs or just looking for someone to give you an honest and upfront answer to what's wrong with your car, you NEED to go to Miller Automotive!

Thank you again Miller Automotive, you have greatly earned my business!

Ralliart Rolph